Helpful Info About Medgidia

Helpful Info About Medgidia

In this guide, I will be talking all about some helpful facts when it comes to Medgidia. Medgidia is a beautiful place in Romania. It became a municipality in the year 1994, and the infrastructure of the town is actually developing all the time. It offers a couple of high schools, some more primary schools, a lot of nurseries and a stadium as well. They even have a swimming pool. They also have a hospital bed that can accommodate hundreds of people.

The current mayor is Valentin Vrabie and is doing a fantastic job.

There were actually some economic landslides in the spotlight because of the existence of a town which is fully involved in the progress of it. Out of 1200 registered enterprises, you should know that only 30 of them are state-owned and 15 or actually joint ventures. Besides the agricultural activities like milk processing, bakery, wine growing, mailing, the main industry actually deals in cement and even building materials. Agricultural machinery, forcing appointment, and even wood processing is undertaken. You can also find some furniture factories here and there. You can see that there are a lot of job opportunities for the locals as well.


Medgidia happens to live in the centre of an agricultural area, and you should know that tens of millions of hectares are very fertile and they are provided with a beautiful irrigation system.

This area also offers a very rich agricultural tradition and also some of the best-trained specialists—Road network for all kinds of transport of goods, which is necessary. There is also a very short transfer distance, and you can do it through the ports. You also have access to some other Romanian and even European regions. You can easily get to other regions. Climate conditions are better in other parts of Romania. The winters are short. You will have clear skies and decent weather throughout the year. You should note that it has some of the best irrigation potentials ever.

Medgidia Storage facility was also completed in the year 2009, and it is the worlds largest don’t type cement clinker storage facility. Isn’t that a hoot?

The town also happens to be a road and rail node and also and inland port to the Danube-Black Sea canal. The Danube-Black Sea canal also happens to cross the town for about 6 km of its length. The Canal also has the capacity of 11.2 million tonnes/year, and it can also admit ships of 5000 tonnes deadweight. It is also promptly provided with road and rail links which harbour some storage facilities and also some cranes which can lift up to 16-ton weights.

I hope this information was useful.

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