Medgidia: Some General Info

Medgidia: Some General Info

Medgidia is a city in the Constanta County which is in Northern Dobruja in the eastern side of Romania. As you know, Romania is a beautiful place, and this city is no less. It has an area of 90.17 km² which can also be considered as 34.81 mi.². It has a population of 39,780 hours of the year 2011. This was nine years ago I am sure the population has actually increased quite a bit since then. Its time zone is EET/EEST. The vehicle registration for this place is CT. Archaeological findings actually show that Dobruja was actually inhabited since the neolithic period. Starting with 46 BC, the region was actually administrated by the Roman Empire. A castrum was actually built in the Carasu Valley, and it became the cradle of the settlement. In the year 1417, the Turks actually invaded Dobruja, and from the 15th century, the region actually started to be colonised by a Muslim population. The settlement which was also named Karasu was also mentioned on the map in 1497. After the Russo Turkish war of 1877 to 1878, Northern Dobruja then became a part of Romania as it is today.

Medgidia is actually located between the Danube and the Black Sea, which is actually 39 km away from Constanta. If we look at the general aspect of the relief, it is actually that of a low plateau with a limestone structure which is covered with a lot of thick deposits of loess. The natural resources of the area are consistent with limestone deposits. The limestone structure of the earth actually permits a very natural filtering of the groundwater.


If we are talking about the climate, it is actually temperate continental, with very short and cold winters, and scorching summers. If you are a person who loves to eat, I feel that this would be a great place to visit to get some quiet time. It is not a metropolitan so that you can have your own space and time.

If we are looking at the local administration, it became a municipality in the year 1997. The infrastructure of the town is always in continuous development, and it also offers the inhabitants four high schools, eight primary schools, four cultural centres and 12 nurseries. If we look at it as a whole, it is actually a smaller place. It has two shows and cinema halls, three clubs and only five libraries. It has a stadium that can seat 30,000 people. It also has a sports hall and a beautiful swimming pool. They have a hospital that can accommodate 500 people.

The above was a brief summation of some general information about Medgidia. Visit as per your convenience.

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