What To Do In Medgidia?

What To Do In Medgidia?

Medgidia happens to be a place in Romania. Specifically speaking it is actually a city in south-eastern Romania. If you want to visit here, you will have to take a precaution because there are travel restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic, that has enveloped the planet of earth. It would be best if you think twice before travelling abroad. If you really have to go here, I suggest you be safe. In this guide, I will be talking about what you can do in Medgidia.

There are a lot of things that you can do in this place. Let me tell you something about Medgidia. It is not our convention in London, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles. It is not like the city. It is very different. It is a city that is small and quiet. But, you can have a good and quiet time in the city.


There are quite a few things that you can do.

You can visit the Art Museum “Lucian Grigorescu” because it is spectacular. It was opened in the year 1964 with a lot of exhibitions of the Romanian contemporary paintings. This place has sculptures, paintings, graphics and more. They have placed a lot of permanent exhibits as well. The exhibitions take in a modern and a classic effect. They have a lot of contemporary art classics as well. The museum has done a great job at displaying a large collection of ceramic artworks. In the year 1991, the museum was actually named after the person Lucian Grigorescu, who was a native of the town and he was also deemed the most Latin among all of the Romanian painters. The city honours the painter every single year on 1 February, which is also the anniversary of his birthday.

You can also visit Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox church. The church was built in Roman – Greek style. It was also raised with the contributions of Christians from the local town.

You can also visit the Serbian heroes’ monument. In the year 1926, Medgidia commemorated the heroism of the very first Siberia division which also fought in Dobruja at the same time as World War I. It was a part of the Rumanian theatre, and by inaugurating a monument, in the group’s honour, a lot of people were happy. The completed memorial features an iconic white marble pyramid, and it was also the perfect setting of a ceremony which was held with the participation of both the Romanian and the Yugoslavian and officials. It is also quite interesting to note that wreaths were laid at the base of the monument by all of the members of the Romanian and the Serbian royal families.

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