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Helpful Info About Medgidia

Helpful Info About Medgidia

In this guide, I will be talking all about some helpful facts when it comes to Medgidia. Medgidia is a...

Medgidia And Favara – Twin Cities

Medgidia And Favara – Twin Cities

December of this year brought to Medgidia another collaboration agreement, this time concluded with the town of Favara in the...

Property In Medgidia

Property In Medgidia

Property rates in places like Medgidia Will actually not be as expensive when compared to property rates in London, Dubai,...

Medgidia: Some General Info

Medgidia: Some General Info

Medgidia is a city in the Constanta County which is in Northern Dobruja in the eastern side of Romania. As...

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What To Do In Medgidia?

What To Do

Medgidia happens to be a place in Romania. Specifically speaking it is actually a city in south-eastern Romania. If you want to visit here, you will have to take a precaution because there are travel restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic, that has enveloped the planet of earth. It would be best if you think twice before travelling abroad. If you really have to go here, I suggest you be safe. In this guide, I will be talking about what you can do in Medgidia.

There are a lot of things that you can do in this place. Let me tell you something about Medgidia. It is not our convention in London, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles. It is not like the city. It is very different. It is a city that is small and quiet. But, you can have a good and quiet time in the city.


There are quite a few things that you can do.

You can visit the Art Museum “Lucian Grigorescu” because it is spectacular. It was opened in the year 1964 with a lot of exhibitions of the Romanian contemporary paintings. This place has sculptures, paintings, graphics and more. They have placed a lot of permanent exhibits as well. The exhibitions take in a modern and a classic effect. They have a lot of contemporary art classics as well. The museum has done a great job at displaying a large collection of ceramic artworks. In the year 1991, the museum was actually named after the person Lucian Grigorescu, who was a native of the town and he was also deemed the most Latin among all of the Romanian painters. The city honours the painter every single year on 1 February, which is also the anniversary of his birthday.

You can also visit Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox church. The church was built in Roman – Greek style. It was also raised with the contributions of Christians from the local town.

You can also visit the Serbian heroes’ monument. In the year 1926, Medgidia commemorated the heroism of the very first Siberia division which also fought in Dobruja at the same time as World War I. It was a part of the Rumanian theatre, and by inaugurating a monument, in the group’s honour, a lot of people were happy. The completed memorial features an iconic white marble pyramid, and it was also the perfect setting of a ceremony which was held with the participation of both the Romanian and the Yugoslavian and officials. It is also quite interesting to note that wreaths were laid at the base of the monument by all of the members of the Romanian and the Serbian royal families.

Project to improve the situation of the Roma in Medgidia


PROGRAM: PHARE 2006 ACCELERATION national strategies for Roma

1. Professional training, recognition of acquired skills through training and support for Roma income generating activities

General description of the project

The project aimed at improving the quality of life of members of the Roma community in Medgidia, Constanta County, in order to include social members of the target community by resolving the situation of professional qualification. This project is part of a Roma social integration program in Medgidia.

Within the project, the emphasis was on the professional training of the Roma, in construction trades and other trades useful to the Roma community. The registration of Roma people in this project was made following a selection made by the representatives of the Medgidia City Hall and the partner involved in the project, the “Dobrogea” Association – League of Deportees from the Second World War.

The present project aimed at qualifying a number of 45 Roma people in the trades sought on the labor market. The qualification courses, as well as the solutions for hiring Roma people for their employment in income-generating activities, were the subject of this project. Thus, it was aimed that Roma people, qualified in these trades to actively participate in the implementation of two other projects included in the program, namely the construction of 10 social housing for members of the Roma community and their infrastructure (arrangement of access roads, extension of network water supply and sewerage network) in an area inhabited by Roma.

The following equipment was purchased within the project:
– Modular metal scaffolding and specific equipment for exterior thermal insulation of buildings;
– 4 sewing machines that will be distributed to the people who attended tailoring courses;
– A container module with the destination of hairdresser, properly arranged and equipped.

The expected results following the implementation of the project are:

45 professionally trained persons, fit for employment, as follows:

1. 10 masons;
2. 10 painters;
3. 10 carpenters (with skills and PVC and aluminum carpentry workers);
4. 8 cleaning agents (women – 5 with washing skills and 3 with ironing skills)
5. 3 seamstresses;
6. 4 barber shops.

– 8 jobs for qualified craftsmen in the field of constructions who will benefit from the modular metal scaffolding and the specific equipment for the external thermal insulation of the buildings;
– 3 hairdressers-hairdressers, who will benefit from the container module, also purchased within the project and who will obtain income from practicing the profession;
– 4 seamstresses who will benefit from the 4 sewing machines purchased within the project and who will obtain income from practicing the trade.

How the project improved the situation of the target groups:

This project aims to contribute to raising the standard of living and social integration of members of the Roma community in Medgidia, who were at risk of social exclusion.

Thus, the estimated effects of the project will be manifested by:
1. Decreasing the resistance to change of the target group, integration in the social system, in lucrative groups, as a result of the skills obtained from training.
2. Increasing the living standard of the members of the Roma community. Given that Roma families in general are numerous, ensuring a secure income obtained by at least one family member will have beneficial effects on the whole family, which will allow the creation of decent living conditions.
3. The prospects of a secure income as well as the awareness of the advantages offered by the training will have as an effect the improvement of the educational life. Thus, the Roma in the community will respond much better to the educational programs promoted by the authorities.
4. Access to the services of the public health system of Roma families whose members are engaged in productive activities
5. Decreased antisocial phenomena among the Roma population, as a result of increased training and employment opportunities in income-generating productive activities.
6. Increasing trust in local public institutions and the partner NGO, the “Dobrogea” Association – League of Deportees from the Second World War.
7. The creation of nuclei within the Roma community which, through good practice, will be examples for the other members of the community.
8. At individual level, the participants will acquire and practice new communication skills and knowledge that will contribute decisively to the increase of the efficiency of their work and of the work formations of which they are part but also an extra chance of socio-professional reintegration.

Total value of the project: 67,866 Euro
Duration: January 2009 – November 2010

2. Small infrastructure for the area allocated to the construction of social housing for 10 Roma families in Medgidia Municipality – Constanta county

Total value of the project: 214,852 Euro
Duration: January 2009 – November 2010

The project developed by the Medgidia Local Council, Constanţa County, in partnership with the NGO Dobrogea Association-League of Deportees from the Second World War, has a budget of 214,852 Euros, of which the contribution of the European Union and the Romanian Government is 193,366 Euros and aims to build two homes and provide utilities and access to the entire area allocated by Medgidia City Hall for the construction of social housing, whose beneficiaries will be members of the Roma community in Medgidia.

Within the project, 6 Roma people started a professional training program in construction trades. They are part of the 10 families without material possibilities, who have been selected to benefit from new homes, which will ensure them decent living conditions.

Medgidia City Hall has assumed the execution of water and sewerage networks and connections for the 10 homes, the access road and other works that can be executed within the Public Services Department, so that, upon their completion, the direct beneficiaries will have all the conditions of a decent life.

The practical activities within the professional training program are carried out under the coordination of the professional training provider, within the Medgidia Public Services Department, which allows the active participation of the students in the construction of their own homes and the afferent infrastructure.

3. Construction of social housing (including small infrastructure) for 8 Roma families from Medgidia-Constanta county ”

Total value of the project: 239,620 Euro
Duration: January 2009 – November 2010

Medgidia Local Council, Constanţa County, in partnership with the Dobrogea Association-League of Deportees from the Second World War, is carrying out the project entitled “Construction of social housing for 8 Roma families in Medgidia – Constanţa County”.

The project has a budget of 239,620 Euros, of which the contribution of the European Union and the Government of Romania is 200,000 Euros and aims to contribute to the social integration of the Roma in Medgidia.

An important step in carrying out the project was the selection of the 8 Roma families who will benefit from decent living conditions, in a new house, but also from professional training that will offer them a real chance to access the labor market. The selection of the 8 families was made by a commission composed of representatives of the Medgidia Local Council, and of the partner NGO based on criteria established by mutual agreement.

Each member of each of the eight selected families will follow a professional training program as a result of which they will acquire skills in practicing occupations that will facilitate their access to the labor market, which will greatly contribute to the social integration of families.

The 8 beneficiary families of the houses, supported by other members of the local community, will actively participate in the construction works, through voluntary actions organized by the representatives of the NGO – partner in the project. All these activities will be supported by the Medgidia City Hall and will have the effect of significantly reducing the social marginalization of Roma members in Medgidia.

Internet Center for the Public, in Medgidia


On Friday, December 11 this year, at 16.00, in Medgidia, the inauguration of the Internet Center for Public Biblionet will take place, with the headquarters inside the Municipal Library.

The municipal library in Medgidia is among the 16 in the county that have been selected to participate in this program. The Biblionet – world in my library program has a total value of 26.9 million, is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the next five years and aims to develop a modern system of public libraries in Romania.
Biblionet is a partnership between IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board), the Ministry of Culture, Cults and National Heritage, the EOS Foundation (Educating for an Open Society), the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania (ANBPR) and Romanian public libraries.
The Internet Center for the Public in Medgidia is equipped with 10 new computers connected to the Internet, to which all those who want to use the Internet to study and document themselves will have free access.

Medgidia: Some General Info

General Info

Medgidia is a city in the Constanta County which is in Northern Dobruja in the eastern side of Romania. As you know, Romania is a beautiful place, and this city is no less. It has an area of 90.17 km² which can also be considered as 34.81 mi.². It has a population of 39,780 hours of the year 2011. This was nine years ago I am sure the population has actually increased quite a bit since then. Its time zone is EET/EEST. The vehicle registration for this place is CT. Archaeological findings actually show that Dobruja was actually inhabited since the neolithic period. Starting with 46 BC, the region was actually administrated by the Roman Empire. A castrum was actually built in the Carasu Valley, and it became the cradle of the settlement. In the year 1417, the Turks actually invaded Dobruja, and from the 15th century, the region actually started to be colonised by a Muslim population. The settlement which was also named Karasu was also mentioned on the map in 1497. After the Russo Turkish war of 1877 to 1878, Northern Dobruja then became a part of Romania as it is today.

Medgidia is actually located between the Danube and the Black Sea, which is actually 39 km away from Constanta. If we look at the general aspect of the relief, it is actually that of a low plateau with a limestone structure which is covered with a lot of thick deposits of loess. The natural resources of the area are consistent with limestone deposits. The limestone structure of the earth actually permits a very natural filtering of the groundwater.


If we are talking about the climate, it is actually temperate continental, with very short and cold winters, and scorching summers. If you are a person who loves to eat, I feel that this would be a great place to visit to get some quiet time. It is not a metropolitan so that you can have your own space and time.

If we are looking at the local administration, it became a municipality in the year 1997. The infrastructure of the town is always in continuous development, and it also offers the inhabitants four high schools, eight primary schools, four cultural centres and 12 nurseries. If we look at it as a whole, it is actually a smaller place. It has two shows and cinema halls, three clubs and only five libraries. It has a stadium that can seat 30,000 people. It also has a sports hall and a beautiful swimming pool. They have a hospital that can accommodate 500 people.

The above was a brief summation of some general information about Medgidia. Visit as per your convenience.

Property In Medgidia


Property rates in places like Medgidia Will actually not be as expensive when compared to property rates in London, Dubai, Los Angeles and more. These places are actually metropolitan city’s which are also the hubs of the world. But, places like Medgidia can and will offer you much cheaper property rates. Buying a property and moving in can be tedious. If you are considering buying a property in Medgidia, you have come to the right place. I will be listing out some pros and cons in this list. It would be best if you considered all of the phases. You should also consider if you want to move into a “ready to move in” home.

You should also look at the immediate occupancy rules and regulations. If you are looking for homes that are ready to move in, you should know that there are some preferred properties for people who are looking to make a good investment.

You should know that there are two sides to every coin and buying a property in Medgidia may not be the right decision for you if you are someone who likes to live in metropolitan city’s, because Medgidia is not a metropolitan city at all. It is a quiet city. You should know all the pros and cons before you go ahead and put in your hard-earned money. It would help if you avoided all kinds of unforeseen challenges. Here are some points that will help you make the right decision.

Buy A Property

You should visit the house and see it. You should be absolutely sure that the house is satisfactory to you. You should also know that what you see is what you get. One of the most amazing benefits of moving into a ready to move in house is that you get the property exactly how you see it. All the fixtures are all put in. You will also see a lot of improvements which have to be made within the property. This is also something that will offer you a lot of opportunities.

See this investment as a lifetime opportunity. You may be investing $1 million now, but, you may get back much more in return, when you sell it. You should also know that there are so many tax benefits on behalf of the buyer. House buyers can avail service tax benefits because, ready to move in houses are always accompanied with little to almost no service tax charges.



One of the biggest cons that I have to talk about is inflated costs. Another concert I would like to list out is that Medgidia while being a very beautiful place, is very quiet and not much happens here. Are you sure you want to buy your dream house here?

Medgidia And Favara – Twin Cities

Twin Cities

December of this year brought to Medgidia another collaboration agreement, this time concluded with the town of Favara in the province of Agrigento, Sicily (Italy). The agreement was signed on 10.12.2009, in the Sicilian locality by the representatives of the two cities, Mr. Marian Iordache, the mayor of Medgidia and Mr. Domenico Russelo, mayor of Favara. According to the protocol, the collaboration between the two municipalities involves the field of local government and public administration, economic programs and training of local production and service provision. A fundamental component is the cooperation for attracting European funds and promoting European Union projects.   

The program of the delegation from Medgidia contained visits to various objectives in the area, meetings with the Romanian community in the area, with local councilors and representatives of the institutions in Favara. There were also meetings and seminars attended by businessmen and companies from the area. Medgidia also established twinning relations with Yalova in the province of the same name in Turkey, through the twinning agreement signed on March 30, 2002, and with Zhumadian locality, Henan province – China, following the signing of the twinning agreement on March 30, 2002. September 30, 2008. On May 23, 2008, the local municipality concluded a collaboration agreement with the CAHUL authority, Cahul District – Republic of Moldova. “The agreement with Favara is the first twinning relationship established by the local public authority with a locality of a European Union member state,” said Mr. mayor Marian Iordache. “By signing the agreement, we once again state our membership in the great European family.”

Helpful Info About Medgidia

Helpful Info

In this guide, I will be talking all about some helpful facts when it comes to Medgidia. Medgidia is a beautiful place in Romania. It became a municipality in the year 1994, and the infrastructure of the town is actually developing all the time. It offers a couple of high schools, some more primary schools, a lot of nurseries and a stadium as well. They even have a swimming pool. They also have a hospital bed that can accommodate hundreds of people.

The current mayor is Valentin Vrabie and is doing a fantastic job.

There were actually some economic landslides in the spotlight because of the existence of a town which is fully involved in the progress of it. Out of 1200 registered enterprises, you should know that only 30 of them are state-owned and 15 or actually joint ventures. Besides the agricultural activities like milk processing, bakery, wine growing, mailing, the main industry actually deals in cement and even building materials. Agricultural machinery, forcing appointment, and even wood processing is undertaken. You can also find some furniture factories here and there. You can see that there are a lot of job opportunities for the locals as well.


Medgidia happens to live in the centre of an agricultural area, and you should know that tens of millions of hectares are very fertile and they are provided with a beautiful irrigation system.

This area also offers a very rich agricultural tradition and also some of the best-trained specialists—Road network for all kinds of transport of goods, which is necessary. There is also a very short transfer distance, and you can do it through the ports. You also have access to some other Romanian and even European regions. You can easily get to other regions. Climate conditions are better in other parts of Romania. The winters are short. You will have clear skies and decent weather throughout the year. You should note that it has some of the best irrigation potentials ever.

Medgidia Storage facility was also completed in the year 2009, and it is the worlds largest don’t type cement clinker storage facility. Isn’t that a hoot?

The town also happens to be a road and rail node and also and inland port to the Danube-Black Sea canal. The Danube-Black Sea canal also happens to cross the town for about 6 km of its length. The Canal also has the capacity of 11.2 million tonnes/year, and it can also admit ships of 5000 tonnes deadweight. It is also promptly provided with road and rail links which harbour some storage facilities and also some cranes which can lift up to 16-ton weights.

I hope this information was useful.